“Among the most important releases I encountered this year was Hasse Borup and Heather Conner’s recording of works for violin and piano by Vincent Persichetti. The pieces on the disc highlight Persichetti’s infectious geniality and are a most welcome step to bringing this truly great composer before a wider audience. The playing is idiomatic and engaging throughout.”

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“Yet so sensitive are Hasse Borup and Mary Kathleen Ernst to the inner workings of [Schoenberg’s] late masterpiece, so responsive to the post-Debussian splashes of textual color, that one is left wondering what all the fuss was about.”

The Strad

“Violinist Hasse Borup follows hot on the heels of Thomas Albertus Imberger (Gramola, reviewed in January) with a survey of sonatas by Niels Wilhelm Gade.”


“Three fine Danish violin sonatas in beautifully shaped performances.”